Recipe of Kheer With Lots of Dryfruits

The traditional rice pudding usually called “Kheer” is mostly loved by everyone among the family. There are certain ways of preparing, however the one that has dry fruits in it is mouth watering, and delicious yet very easy to make.

For Kheer that serves four individuals you’ll want the subsequent ingredients:

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One Cup of Slightly Overcooked Rice,

Two Cups of Milk,

Three Tablespoons Sugar,

One Tablespoon Raisins,

One Tablespoon Shredded Pistachios,

One Tablespoon Shredded Almonds,

1/8 Teaspoon Pulverized Cardamom,

and a Pinch of Saffron.

These all are available collectively from any local or online grocery store.


• You will use any variety of rice, like long grained or basmati, for this recipe. It’s most likely best to not use tasteful rice like shrub or coconut.

• If you’ve got leftover rice from another dish, you’ll use it to form kheer. If you’re creating the rice only for kheer, it is best to cook it a bit to mimic the feel of leftover rice, you can get your stuffs from best supplier of dry fruits and groceries so as to get delicious taste.

• Put the raisins in a very little of water to puff them up. Use any little or medium heavy flat-bottomed pan that you simply need to cook the kheer; you’ll get your required nuts and resins from best supplier of dry fruits.

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• Add your mixture of saffron and sugar to the milk and rice within the pan. Keep stirring the pan till the mixture reaches a consistency that you simply want.

• Once your kheer has reached the required consistency, add the three tablespoons sugar and also the raisins and mixed nuts. Fold these ingredients into the mixture.

• You may need to taste the kheer at this time to visualize if it desires a lot of sugar, as excellent balance of rice, milk, cardamom, best dryfruits and sugar makes your kheer delicious.

• Drain the raisins and add them to the mixture beside the one tablespoon shredded pistachios and one tablespoon shredded almonds, you can simply Buy Dry Fruits Online to ease yourself.

The time has return for you to enjoy your kheer! You can serve the dish either hot or cold.

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