Spicy Butter Paneer Masala

Basically this exotic paneer curry is prepared with tomato onion sauce that is creamed with cream and cashews paste. And it is spiced with best spices and ginger garlic paste. Or else, you’ll additionally buy Whole Spices Online rather than grounding onion and tomato paste. However you must prefer to freshly prepare instead of store bought one or you should get them from the best manufacturer of spices so as to get good taste. Lastly, this recipe will be extended to curd curry by replacement it with paneer.



  1. In a large pan, heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of oil.
  2. Add red chilies, ginger, garlic paste and all the whole spices (bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and peppercorns), these all are easily available online just go to the category of kitchen masala and spices online and you can select the one’s you want.
  3. Cover and cook until the tomatoes begin breaking down and also the mixture starts leaving oil at the sides. Switch the flame and put aside to chill. You can enhance the taste by using good quality spices from best Supplier of Ground Spices – Chefcap.
  4. Once cool enough to handle, fish out as several whole spices as possible, and mix the mixture to a sleek paste.
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  5. Within the same pan or any different pan, heat the remaining butter and add the curry paste. Add garam masala powder, flavoring, turmeric, ketchup, salt along with 1/2 cup water. Bring this to a boil.
  6. Once the curry involves a boil, simmer and cook for half-hour, until the oil separates slightly. Cut the paneer into bite sized items, add it to the gravy and blend gently.
  7. In another pan, dry roast the kasuri methi and grind it to a fine powder. Combine kasuri methi and recent cream within the curry and switch the flame, restaurants prefer to Buy kitchen masala and spices online, as they get little convenience by doing this.
  8. Once the masala is cooled, puree the mixture. Heat the remaining butter in a very non-stick pan over moderate flame. Cook the pureed mixture for 2 minutes. Take away from heat and transfer the dish to a serving bowl. Combine in cream and serve hot, garnished with coriander leaves.

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