Easy And Delicious Recipes For Navratri.

In India festivals are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and happiness. One such widely celebrated Hindu festival is Navratri. Celebrated twice a year, these 9 days are believed to be auspicious and Indians celebrate it in their own manner. Festivals and occasions in India are incomplete without sensible food. For convenience you can Buy Dry Fruits Online which will save your time.

Recipes for Navratri

Some of the famous recipes for navratri are:


Sabudana Kheer: Every one of you must have heard about sabudana khichdi, but it’s time to taste and try sabudana kheer. One of the sweet dishes in any fasting which has a great taste with lots of carbs to give you instant energy. It has many variations, let’s have a look at one of them. You can get all the online grocery delivery within time if you go for buying online.

Sabudana Kheer for navratri

  1. Soak Sabudana in Water for few hours.
  2. Heat milk at low flame with continuous stirring.
  3. Add Sabudana and other dry fruits.
  4. Cook it for few more minutes.

Kheer is ready to serve.



singhare ka atta cheela for navratri


Singhara: Singhara or pani-phal (water caltrop or water chestnut) is a nut. It has a lot of nutritious value as it contains a lot of vitamin and minerals. You can get singhare ka atta (flour) and have many variations of it. For getting good quality products you can simply check the Best Online Groceries in Faridabad or your city online.

For making cheela of this you just need to add water to make dough.

Cook it in an open pan with very less oil.

Cheela is ready to serve.



Shakarkandi or Sweet Potato: The last one in our list is the sweet potato. It is considered as one of the most healthy food as contains a good amount of fiber, vitamins A, B and C with iron, potassium, antioxidants and much more. You can have many variations with sweet potatoes, but the best way is to eat it steamed or boiled with a little sugar. You can also add some Best Dry Fruits to make it tastier.

Sweet Potato recipe for Navratri

  1. Just boil sweet potato in a closed vessel.
  2. Remove the peel.

And it is ready to eat.

Aloo (potato) ka halwa: Aloo (potato) ka halwa is a popular Indian dessert. It is prepared from the mix of boiled potatoes, ghee, cream and sugar. This is a very easy recipe for potato lovers or for those who keep fasts on special days. For getting Quality Dry fruits you should get them from either a good seller or you should look for online groceries in Gurgaon or your nearest city.



Potato Halwa recipe for Navratri

  1. Boil potatoes in a vessel.
  2. At medium flame in a pan add some oil and cook potatoes for around 10 min.
  3. Add sugar and dry fruits.


It is ready to serve.

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